All photographs are ©2020 Richard Picton.

1962 Lotus 23B
Travis Engen (1)

1968 Ford Mustang
Chris Stillwell

An old rivalry at the Watkins Glen Bustop
1962 Jaguar E type
Coupe at the Bustop

1970 Porsche 914/6
Exiting the Bustop

1966 Shelby GT350
Exiting the Bustop

Mustang powering out of the Bustop
1961 Porsche 356
Leaving the Bustop

1969 Corvette. Power down on the exit
1959 356A Porsche
Hammer down

1972 Alfa Romeo GTV
Vince Vaccaro

Vic Skirmants 1961
Porsche at the Bustop

MGB Powering out of the Bustop
1972 Porsche 911RS
Mayo Smith

Tom Briest, Porsche, Burton August, Mustang
Tom Briest & Burton August at the Bustop
1966 Ford Mustang
Burton August

1966 Jaguar XKE
Randy Williams

E type Jaguar hard on it out of the bustop
1970 Ford Boss 302
John Cloud

1957 Tojeiro S/R
Marc Cendron

Debbie Cloud's 1968 Camaro at the bustop
1972 BMW 3.0 CSL
Bill Glavin Bustopping

1964 Morris Cooper S
John Wittenauer

John Wittenauer's Mini hard on it
Alfa Romeo Spider
Alfa Romeo Spider hard out of the Bustop
BT 23 Brabham hard out of the Bustop
Travis Engen in the 1962 Lotus 23B at the Bustop
Rick Mooney's 1968 Corvette pounding out of the Bustop
Gregg Frey three wheeling his 914-6 out of the Bustop
Gregg Frey powers his 914-6 out of the Bustop
Steve Davison powers the Jaguar out of the Bustop
Steve Davison's beautiful 1962 jaguar Coupe
Steve Davison's Jag at the Bustop
1962 E type Coupe powering out of the Bustop
George Del Canto and Pat Sessions pounding the Bustop
Del Canto and Sessions pedal to the metal
Pat Sessions 1966 Shelby GT350 Hitttin' it
M. Taradash's '61 356 Porsche scrapping with a Lotus Elan
Lotus Elan coming out of the Bustop
Robert Bosworth's 1969 Corvette